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Moshi is a bustling touristic town visited by most of the backpackers who are coming to scale Africa’s majestic peak Mount Kilimanjaro. It is also the headquarter of the Kilimanjaro region. Its beauty and attractions vary from the old railway station to curio and cofee shops, coffee houses, local markets and historical streets.

You will gain insight into a typical African market and get to know what local people eat and use in their daily life in the Kilimanjaro region.

The market tour can be combined with a visit to historical sites like the Common Wealth World War grave yards as well as learning about and participating in artwork of Makond

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Basic equipment for all our tours

Personal, re-usable water bottle (we will fill it with filtered water).
Camera for your lifetime memory.
Insect repellent.
Sunscreen, sun glasses and sun hat.
Comfortable clothes especially long trousers for walking on shrubs and in the forest.
Good walking shoes (walking in the forest/farms/village sometimes involves passing by irrigated areas).

Additional equipment

Binoculars (Bird watching).