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Welcome to Rau Eco and Cultural Tourism.

“Give Sense To Your Travel”.

Since 2013, Rau Eco & Cultural Tourism Enterprise has been involved in local project which aim at protecting the Rau forest (in Moshi area), helping our community in inspiring young entrepreneurs to develop sustainable activities. The eco-friendly tours that we organize allow us to empower women and youth of our community, raise awareness about environmental concerns, and mitigate climate change.

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Meet the Founders

Linus Lasway
Linus LaswayCo Founder & Programme Coordinator
Linus likes nature and conservation, cultural preservation, swimming and travelling. His favorite song is “Earth Song” by Michael Jackson.
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Daniel Maembe
Daniel MaembeCo Founder, Conservation & PR
Daniel has passion for environmental conservation and believes that the resources can be used sustainably by involving the community.
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Hamis Msuya
Hamis MsuyaCo Founder & Asst Program Coordinator
Hamis is a young graduate with strong passion for environmental conservation, tourism, cultural exchange and making positive changes to the community.
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Getting There :

Our office is located 2.9 km from Moshi town at Langoni, Mji Mpya near Mji mpya secondary school; it can be reached easily from town through Private car, Tax, hired car, Motorcycle. It takes 5-10 minutes to reach there.