Volunteer Opportunity Around Rau Forest reserve

We are Sustainable Eco & Cultural Tourism Enterprise Connecting Community, Visitors and Rau forest.
Are you a volunteer and passionate about environmental conservation, ecotourism, sustainable tourism, and community empowerment? and ready to work with us to help our organization to reach our purpose which is to protect Rau forest reserve and become a role model to young people and empower locals? We are the chance for you to make changes around our community.

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Rau ECO and Cultural Tourism welcoming volunteers who are interested in working with us to help to make change to our community and Rau forest reserve through ecotourism and sustainable tourism in environmental activities so as to raise awareness in our community and make our surroundings more environmentally safe to live in. The working place for volunteers is a community owned forest, which is located nearest to the fast growing town Moshi with high environmental challenges. Therefore a joint venture between environmental expertise, community, volunteers and other interested organizations is needed in order to solve the problem.
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Ready to travel with real adventure and enjoy natural


We are official Member of Tanzania Sustainable