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Litter picking at Rau Forest Reserve
We are inviting volunteers, who are interested in working with us in environmental activities so as to raise awareness in our community and make our surroundings more environmentally safe to live. The working place for volunteers is a community owned forest, which is located nearest to the fast growing town Moshi with high environmental challenges. Therefor a joint venture between environmental expertise, community, volunteers and other interested organizations is needed in order to solve the problem.

Volunteer’s Activities in Forest Conservation

  • Forest tour for environmental familiarization and native tree awareness, visiting the tree nursery for specific tree care and management in the nursery.
  • Managing the tree nursery, establishing new tree nurseries in other parts of the community surrounding the forest and filling polythene tubes for transplanting new potential seedlings from the forest.
  • Collecting seeds from potential native trees, watering seedlings, distributing trees to the community and activities regarding forest cleanness, which involves campaigns in the community.

Volunteer’s Activities in Administration and Marketing

  • Volunteer introduction: We will have an orientation training to familiarise with our project and to know more about Tanzanian culture. In addition we will have a lesson in basic Swahili for easy communication with the local people. This will be done in two to three days after arrival.
  • Administration: Volunteer will be involved in administration work in our office,that includes planning, updating, organising and supporting the writing of project proposals with us.
  • Marketing: Volunteer will be involved in the marketing of our project through social media like Facebook and Instagram and in implementing and optimizing the marketing strategy of our project with us.

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