Silent Walk and Meditation in Rau Forest

We are Sustainable Eco & Cultural Tourism Enterprise Connecting Community, Visitors and Rau forest.
Silent Walk and Meditation in Rau Forest

Season/dates open:

Year around operation.

Activity start time at the venue:

9.30 am. (Or other times by request/notice)

Duration of Activity:

3 hours.

Minimum no of Persons

2. Maximum No. of Persons: 15.

Skill level required

Normal physical health is required, capable of walking in silence and slow.


  • Guided tour
  • Forest walking
  • Silent & meditation.
  • Ready to travel with real adventure and enjoy natural


  • Meet passionate local guides.

  • Listen to the peaceful sound of birds and monkeys.

  • Smell the scents of the Rau forest.

  • Enjoy the fresh forest air.

  • Enjoy delicious local food at local mamas.

  • Hug your first friend tree.

  • Quality Standards

  • Want to feel healthier, happier, and rejuvenated? Want to escape the stressful noises of your everyday life? Then join our special tour!. Walk silently in the forest and experience how you benefit both physically and mentally. Be in contact with the unique Rau Forest and its wildlife. Listen to the sound of the surrounding nature: the singing of the birds, the guttural mutterings of the monkeys, and the whispers of the wind. Breathe the clear forest air and dive into the healing smell of the plant’s essential oils. Lean on the powerful trunk of a 70-year-old Oxystigma msoo tree and take time for meditation: Let your mind become peaceful and quiet. Be part of nature!

  • Upkeep local mama's jobs.

  • Upkeep young entrepreneurs' business.

  • Support fighting Climate Change.

  • Protecting Rau Forest from plastics pollution.

  • Quality Standards

  • Being part (come as a client, leave as a friend).

  • Relaxation; arrive at yourself.

  • Feeling liveliness..

  • Get to know young people as a role model.

  • Accommodation:

    Home stay is available.


    Hot buffet lunch of local specialties prepared by our local mamas and drinking water and seasonal fruits included.

    For special meals such as Vegetarian meals, gluten-free, food allergies, and anything else, please let us know in advance.

    Beverage Drinks:

    Additional charge for soft drinks and other beverages.

    Other services / optional:

    Banana beer experience.

    Clothing/equipment supplied:

    Traditional walking stick.

    Clothing/equipment needed by guest:

    Reusable water bottle (refill water at our office), good hiking boots. Comfortable clothes, sun protection, sunglasses, insect repellent, camera.

    Children Option:

    Children are OK throughout the program.

    Responsibility insurance:

    No responsibility insurance provided. Please make sure the client has travel insurance issued.

    Distance from accommodation, Transfer option:

  • 3km from Moshi town.
  • 45km from Kilimanjaro International Airport.
  • 85km from Arusha.

    We can prepare transfers on request.

  • Email response hours:

    within 24hrs.


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    Ready to travel with real adventure and enjoy natural


    We are official member – Tanzania Association of Sustainable Cultural Tourism.