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Vision 2020 (in form of a speech)

Dear friends of Rau Forest,

Today, on August 17 2020, we – Daniel, Hamis and Linus – are very proud to stand here amongst all of our friends. In 2013 we have founded Rau Forest Eco & Cultural Tourism Enterprise. In the past seven years we have encountered many ups and downs, we have had challenging and joyful times. Being role models, leaders and visionaries we knew that we never give up and just followed our path. And that’s where we have arrived today:

Our enterprise – Rau Forest Eco & Cultural Tourism Enterprise – is healthy and strong. Right now we are 20 people, who are working for us: full of joy and passion for the important work we do. By following our purpose – which is to protect the Rau Forest and to be a Role Model for other CTEs and young people – we have developed a handful of unique tours. Our target group – young people from 18 to 35 – are attracted by our purpose and by the benefits they get from our tours: they like to contribute to afforestation, like to learn, like to get to know the local food and our local people and like to relax in the silence of the forest. We are the number one destination in Moshi town for tourists interested in sustainable tourism, wild life conservation and hiking.

Our most important asset – besides the forest – are you, the local people. We have successfully involved many of you in our tours: You cook the local food for our visitors, show your traditional dances as part of our cultural heritage and share your herbal and plant expertise with our guests. Some of your daughters work with us in the administration of our growing enterprise. And all that brings wealth to the villages. By raising your awareness for the protection of the environment we have gained your support to combat the waste problems especially reducing and re-using the plastic, which is thrown by the local people at the skirts of the forest.

Currently we have managed to plant more than 100.000 indigenous tree species in collaboration with different stakeholders such as the Jane Goodall Roots and Shoots Clubs, Tanzania Forest Services, Tumbili , Operational Groundswell, the local government Authority and many others.

With your help and support we will go on growing – in an organic way like the trees in Rau Forest do.