Tanzanian food cooking lesson

/Tanzanian food cooking lesson

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Tanzanian Food Cooking Lesson half day

This tour is perfect for those who are interested in learning how to cook different types of local food. The dishes, that you lear to prepare, are always included in our tour packages. You will be involved from the first step of buying the ingridients at the local market to the next step of cooking in a typical African kitchen in the traditional local way till the last step of savouring the delicious food.

The common Tanzanian dishes which you will get to cook include ugali, makande, pilau and banana food. Our guide will be there to explain each and everything from the first to the last step.

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Basic equipment for all our tours

Personal, re-usable water bottle (we will fill it with filtered water).
Camera for your lifetime memory.
Insect repellent.
Sunscreen, sun glasses and sun hat.
Comfortable clothes especially long trousers for walking on shrubs and in the forest.
Good walking shoes (walking in the forest/farms/village sometimes involves passing by irrigated areas).

Additional equipment

Binoculars (Bird watching).