Silent walk and Meditiation in Rau Forest Reserve

/Silent walk and Meditiation in Rau Forest Reserve

One Trip – One Tree

One of our clients do meditation in Rau forest resrve

Silent Walk and Meditation in the Rau Forest Half Day

Want to feel healthier, happier and rejuvenated? Want to escape the stressful noises of your everyday life? Then join our special tour!.

Walk silently in the forest and experience, how you benefit both physically and mentally. Be in contact with the unique Rau Forest and its wild life. Listen to the sound of the surrounding nature: the singing of the birds, the guttural utterings of the monkeys and the whispers of the wind. Breathe the clear forest air and dive into the healing smell of the plant’s essential oils.

Lean on the powerful trunk of a 70 year old Oxystigma msoo-tree and take time for a meditation: Let your mind become peaceful and quiet.

Be part of nature!

Full day tour Option

You can combine this tour with herbalist tour.

Before You Book this tour Below are Health benefit of Forest Walking and Meditation You Probably Dont Know;

•Scents and smell of the forest reduce stress.
•Make your brain work better.
•Help for reducing loneliness.
•Reconnect with nature.
•Breath fresh air.
•Help to forget our troubles (Relax).
•Help with depression.
•Maintain heart health.
•Help to lower blood pressure.
•Can help over weight people.
•Promotes emotional health.
•Enhances Self-Awareness.
•May reduce age-related memory loss.
•Improves sleep.

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Basic equipment for all our tours

Personal, re-usable water bottle (we will fill it with filtered water).
Camera for your lifetime memory.
Insect repellent.
Sunscreen, sun glasses and sun hat.
Comfortable clothes especially long trousers for walking on shrubs and in the forest.
Good walking shoes (walking in the forest/farms/village sometimes involves passing by irrigated areas).

Additional equipment

Binoculars (Bird watching).