Rau Forest Nature Walk

/Rau Forest Nature Walk

One Trip – One Tree

Rau Forest Nature Walk Day Trip

Option I: Half Day

Activities Highlights:

  • Nature walk
  • Bird watching
  • Scared tree visit
  • Endemic tree visit
  • Black and white collobus watching

Detailed Description

Explore a natural African forest reserve, in which several cultural tourism activities are allowed. You will be exposed to an abundance of nature covered by unique tree species.

On your walk you will spot blue monkeys and black-and-white Colobus monkeys and a number of forest bird species and butterflies. Listen to the guide’s stories and get to know the uses of various trees including the very old trees spanning up to 200 years old. Visit the sacred tree Mvule (Milicia excelsa) believed to be 196 years old regularly visited by locals to prey for different needs. Enjoy the great view of rice plantations dotted with water birds of different colors at the skirts of the forest and the coconut-drink offered by one of our local farmers. If the weather permits, you will get to see Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Option I: Rau Forest Nature Walk and Tree Planting. One Trip-One Tree (Full Day)


  • Nature walk
  • Bird watching
  • Scared tree visit
  • Endemic tree visit
  • Black and white colobus watching
  • Planting trees

Detailed Description

Morning tour as mentioned above.

After having eaten a delicious lunch prepared by our local women we invite you to enrich your forest nature walk with the experience of tree planting. By collecting seeds and planting a seedling in our tree nursery you contribute to our purpose of protecting and conserving the wonderful Rau Forest. And back home you will know that “your tree“ is growing and helping us fight the climate change.

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Basic equipment for all our tours

Personal, re-usable water bottle (we will fill it with filtered water).
Camera for your lifetime memory.
Insect repellent.
Sunscreen, sun glasses and sun hat.
Comfortable clothes especially long trousers for walking on shrubs and in the forest.
Good walking shoes (walking in the forest/farms/village sometimes involves passing by irrigated areas).

Additional equipment

Binoculars (Bird watching).