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Laurent_Bigot Carre. Lille, France

Laurent_Bigot Carre.  Lille, France

“Nature and gastronomy”

We (my wife and my 11 year old daughter) came to Moshi in July 2017 during our stay in Tanzania organized by Tumbili. Daniel, our guide for the day, was keen to share his concern to preserve the rain forest Rau with which he grew up. The first day was devoted to a discovery of local species and colobus monkeys that inhabit the treetops; our steps led us to a beautiful paddy field where we enjoyed the coconut juice and sugar cane pieces. The day ended with the harvest and planting tree seeds that we hope will benefit future generations. The next day we were greeted warmly at the local market to buy the ingredients for our lesson Swahili cuisine. Everyone had a hand in the dough for this delicious moment of good humor and sharing.

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