Rau Eco Tourism In Running for Top UN Award

//Rau Eco Tourism In Running for Top UN Award

Rau Eco Tourism In Running for Top UN Award

We are so proud to be shortlisted for a UN Seeds Low Carbon award for our innovative ‘One Trip – One Tree’ tours which we run daily in the Rau Forest. It’s been a lot of work to get to here since we started the business in 2013. In that time we have planted over 10,000 trees in the forest. We have done our best to run our business in line with the principles of the UN Strategic Development Goals, focussing on climate change mitigation and gender equality. Just to be shortlisted is a big validation that what we are doing is a valuable contribution in the fight against climate change.

The United Nations annual SEED Award were set up to recognise excellence in sustainable development and the fight against #ClimateChange. The awards are adjudicated by an independent panel of international experts to recognise innovative, locally led eco-inclusive enterprises in developing and emerging economies. Over the last ten years SEED has supported more than 200 social and environmental enterprises enable collaboration and peer learning. SEED’s inspiring success story and significant key lesson have now been captured with a 10 Year Flagship Report. The global partnership surveyed 175 enterprises that have won a SEED Award within the last ten years and analysed their economic success and the impact on the environment and the community they operate in. Today, 70 per cent of the interviewed enterprises from 37 countries meet their strategic goals or even exceed them. We hope to join them.

One of the UN Strategic Development Goals that has always been important for us is Goal: Partnerships to Achieve the Goal. Our shortlisted proposal highlights the cooperation we have developed over the years with partners overseas partners such as Tumbili and Operation Groundswell as well as local partners here in Tanzania like the Tanzania Cultural Tourism Programme whose support has been invaluable in growing our business.

None of this would be possible without you, our customers. People don’t come on our tours for a passive ‘Oh look at that lovely tree’ experience. Our tours are meant to be stimulating and interactive, whether this is our forest walk or bird watching with on of our trained expert guides. We know there are lots of great interactive tours around, not here in Moshi but wherever you go. What makes our tours unique is that everyone who comes on one of our tours gets to plant a tree. In it’s life that tree will absorb a staggering 9 tonnes of CO2. Thats’ a lot of CO2, particularly when you consider that a return flight from Europe or the USA to Tanzania typically generates 2 – 3 tonnes of CO2. Our customers are able to go a long way to offsetting the effect of their trip by spending some time in the forest with us Our aim is to run eco-friendly cultural activities that provide employment to local people and enable protection of our environment. Our unique tours provide employment to local people, support the local economy and offer our clients an immersive experience where they can learn about local culture and history and the protection of our natural environment. We know the best parts of the forest; we know what wildlife to look out for; and we know how to enjoy life while giving back to nature.

We would finally like to recognise that none of this would be possible without the support of our fantastic staff who make it such a great experience to come into the office each morning. So we would like to take a moment to congratulate Hawa, Pendo, Suzan, Happyness, Hamis, Linus, Daniel and of course Benji the Coconut Collector for their part in making this happen.

All of the revenue we use to fight climate change is generated by our tourism activities. So if you are in the area why not give us a ring on +255 627335359 and book yourself on one of our innovative and popular range of full and half day tours. Or if you are planning a trip to East Africa why not ask about our tour plus accommodation deals and book your #OneTripOneTree tour with us.

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