New Website Launch – Drum Roll Please…

//New Website Launch – Drum Roll Please…

New Website Launch – Drum Roll Please…

We are pleased to announce the arrival of our new website. We updated the site to keep our online community better informed about our activities. We are grateful to Consult Puma who worked with us on the site and we hope to keep this relationship ongoing as we launch our new plastics recycling business in the coming months.

This website represents the culmination of a four year journey for Rau Eco & Cultural Tourism Enterprise. From small beginnings with three founders, no money and a strong belief in the UN Strategic Development Goals,  we are proud that our business has grown to provide meaningful employment (SDG8) on a gender equitable basis (SDG5) for nearly twenty employees now.  We are proud of our innovative ‘one trip – one tree’ tours where customers can get actively involved in our reforestation work (SDG15) and of our Roots & Shoots Club environmental awareness education program (SDG12). We have planted thousands of trees in the Rau forest reserve over the last few years.

We want our website to become a treasure trove of information, not just about our work here within the Rau Forest but also about conservation generally. In the next few weeks we’ll be using this space to let you know how we eliminated plastic straws before the big supermarkets in the UK. We’ll also be explaining our plans to make our tours plastic free in the very near future.  We want to embody the concept of African knowledge benefiting Africa espoused by visionaries such as Chika Ezeanya-Esiobu and Olúfẹ́mi Táíwò who spoke so eloquently at TED last year.

We’ll also be sharing about experiences working with some wonderful students at University College London on a great design that will have to remain top secret for now.

Finally we just wanted to say we know you care about what we do and the way our ‘One Trip – One Tree’ tours are helping people engage in eco activism on a whole new level. We rely on constantly finding new customers to  delight with our experiences. It doesn’t matter how good we make our product, if no-one knows about the great services we offer we will not be able to sustain our business. Without our business our employees will not have the benefit of employment, our schoolchildren will not have the benefit of learning about sustainability and our tree planting program will stop. So please let us know how you feel. Share our blog, retweet our tweets, our Instagram and our facebook posts, this all helps us sustain our business and the people and trees that depend on us.

And of course – come on a tour. We have lots of options for you to chose from now so drop us an email or give us a ring on +255769335359.


Daniel and Auni

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