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Rau Eco & Cultural tourism Enterprise is a community based and sustainable tourism program which established in 2013 following the guidelines for Cultural Tourism Programmes of Tanzania which is under Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism supervised by Tanzania Tourist Board section of Cultural Tourism Programme and was officially registered in 2014 with registration No.CTP/REG.014. 

The Rau Eco & Cultural Tourism organize Eco-friendly tourism activities through involving the local people who are the residence of Moshi so as to increase their income through tourism, create their awareness on environmental conservation, Eco-tourism and cultural tourism also some percentage of tourism revenue support community conservation projects .

Also as a community and sustainable tourism enterprise our pillar is to ensure maximum visitors satisfaction, Community benefit from cultural tourism and environmental conservation.

Getting there

Our office is located 2.9 km from Moshi town at Langoni, Mji Mpya near Mji mpya secondary school; it can be reached easily from town through Private car, Tax, hired car, Motorcycle. It takes 5-10 minutes to reach there.

How to reach our office by GPS

GPS route

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  • Office       S0321519 E03721434