Visitors’ DOS and DON’TS

//Visitors’ DOS and DON’TS
Visitors’ DOS and DON’TS 2018-04-26T08:31:01+03:00

We welcome you to Rau Forest and wish you an interesting and pleasant tour. We hope, that you will enjoy our beautiful forest, people and culture, our natural environment and the other attractions, that you will encounter during your visit.

In order to make your tour an environmentally and socially responsible one, here are some DO’S and DON’TS to our customers:


  • Always follow your guide and avoid walking by yourself.
  • Refrain from harming any plant or animal life you encounter during your visit to our area.
  • Ask permission before photographing people. Our local guide may assist.
  • Learn some basic Swahili words.
  • Wear decent clothes, respect people’s culture.
  • Tip to our guides is advised upon your satisfaction and willing.
  • If you want to support consider creative ways to contribute to communities not to individuals. You can support community projects like conservation, recycling, cleanness campaigns, health centres or schools (e.g. books, pens and exercise books). This will have a more positive and long-term impact.



  • Do not leave butts of cigarettes or make open fires in the farms or forests.
  • Do not pick any leaves or flowers and uproot any seedlings in the forest.
  • Do not collect any seeds of any of the tree species without the permission of the guide.
  • We have different species of monkeys, which are sensitive due to tourism activities: Do not disturb or feed them, as this may have a negative effect on their behavior.
  • Do not give gifts to the kids: This encourages them to beg and depend on tourists instead of going to school.
  • Trash in – trash out: Waste materials are a burden to the environment. Dispose of them in a proper way. Our guides are happy to collect them and keep them until the end of the tour and put them in the proper places.