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 How do I get there?

You can easily get to Rau by private car, hired taxi, tok tok, bicycle or motor bike, which is popularly known as bodaboda. If you are interested in walking you can also walk as it is only 3.6 km south of Moshi town. Our office is located in the Langoni – Mji mpya area, approximately 100 meters from Rau Forest Reserve main entrance. We can arrange the transport.

 What should I bring for the forest hike?

You are highly recommended to wear proper walking clothes such as long trousers, good walking shoes, sun hat etc. You can also bring a good camera for the photos, binoculars for the bird watching in the forest and rice farms, insects’ repellents and some snacks to eat in the picnic place.

 What kind of local food do you offer?

We offer typical local dishes with different local varieties to suite all our clients who are interested in testing the local Swahili food. Our local mamas are experienced enough to accommodate all the special requests ranging from vegetarian, gluten free and many others.

 What animals are found in the Rau Forest?

Rau Forest is home to two major species of primates, which are the black and white Colobus monkeys and the blue monkeys. The other animals include tree squirrel, Kirk’s Dik dik and tree’s, some forested and water logged bird species and insects such as spiders, millipedes, centipedes and dragon fly. If you are interested in butterflies, you can also spot some colorful and beautiful species of butterfly.

 How big is the forest? 

Rau Forest covers the total area of 570 hectares with 4 different types of vegetation cover.

How far is it from Moshi to your office? or Rau forest Reserve

We are located 3.6 km from Moshi town, it’s only 20 minute walking from Moshi town to our office. It’s about 45 km drive from Kilimanjaro International Airport and take 1 hour to reach our office.

 Is Rau Eco & Cultural Tourism a tour company?

No Rau Eco & Cultural Tourism is a youth led and community based Eco tourism program registered and recognized by the Tanzania Tourist Board and part of the so-called Tanzania Cultural Tourism Program (TCTP). With the registration number CTP/REG.014, Rau enterprise is dedicated towards the protection of Rau Forest and helping its surrounding community through diverse Eco & cultural tourism activities around the area.

 Who is benefiting from Rau Eco & Cultural Tourism?

If you book one of our tours, you support the local people as well as our effort of protecting Rau Forest.

 Is your tour/are your activities favorable for kids?

Since most of our activities involve walking and cycling, they are suitable for kids from 5 years on.

 How do I pay for the tour?

You can pay cash directly at our office after the tour, or if you are in Moshi, you can pay at any of the NMB branches in Moshi town before the tour.  All payments should be made in USD.


Is it possible to see Mountain Kilimanjaro from office?

Yes, it’s possible to see it, if the weather permits. If you cannot climb it, you can drink it or get a nice view from the rice fields or at our office.

 Can I stay with locals overnight at homestay?

Yes, you can: You will be able to be part of the family and experience Tanzanian culture like learning more about Swahili language and participating in other domestic. Come as a tourist and leave like a friend.

 If I book a tour, where does my money go?

It will support our conservation efforts and the local people especially women and youth.

 Are there any other places I can visit?

Yes, there are a number of cultural activities you can visit while being in Moshi, Kilimanjaro: the variety ranges from visiting waterfalls, getting to know the Maasai Culture and their traditional dances, hot springs, coffee farms to prepare your own amazing coffee, cycling tour in Moshi town and to different nearby villages.