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Rau Eco & Cultural Tourism Enterprise is a youth led community based and sustainable tourism programme, which was established in 2013 following the guidelines for Cultural Tourism Programmes of Tanzania (CTPT). The CTPT is under the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism supervised by Tanzania Tourist Board section of Cultural Tourism Programme and was officially registered in 2014 with registration No. CTP/REG.014.

We organize Eco-friendly tourism activities through involving the local people who live in the skirts of Rau Forest Reserve. One of our main strategies is to empower women through Eco and cultural tourism activities and to increase people’s awareness on environmental conservation.

We are taking leadership for the following topics:

  • Sustainability
  • Forest protection and conservation
  • Wildlife protection and conservation
  • Eco tourism
  • Cultural tourism
  • Community awareness towards life in the forest, climate change, ecotourism and waste management.



We are near by Kilimanjaro International Airport (30 km). Our office is located 2.9 km from Moshi town at Langoni, Mji Mpya close to Mji Mpya Secondary School. It can be reached easily from town through private car, taxi, hired car or motorcycle. It takes 5-10 minutes.